Month: February 2020

A collage of two photographs of Lewis Griggs and Greg Jenkins

White Fragility Primer Privilege and Inclusion from Two White Men

By Barbara Frankel To understand “white fragility” and how to gain support for inclusion from...
A woman holding the banner of “#MeToo”

What’s Really Happening in Workplaces in This Post-#MeToo World

By Barbara Frankel and Stephanie Francis Ward 
Two half face illustration

Live Inclusively Actualized: Listening to Understand

By Travis L. Jones, The Winters Group, Inc. "I will strive to accept, and not...
A woman posing for a photograph with a dog on her lap

Disclosing A Disability: The Endless Dilemma

Disclosing Your Non-Apparent Disability: What Will You Do?  By Deb Dagit , debdagitdiversity [email protected] "Not...