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Affirmative Action - word from wooden blocks with letters, gives preference to group of people affirmative action concept,  top view on grey background

Affirmative Action and the The Four Distracting Questions

Ukraine Crisis Protesters

IAC Leadership Response to Ukraine Crisis

The Values And Behavioral Lens For 21st Centaury Inclusion

Don’t Get It Twisted!! Critical Race Theory is a “Trojan Horse”

Inclusion Alllies Coalition

Let’s Talk About Racism and Other Difficult Conversations

community inclusion coalition

Stand Together as a Community: Create a Path for Change

hope allies coalition

Hope is Not a Plan. It is a Source of Power

yearning of justice

Yearning for Justice

memorial day inclusion allies

Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Sacrificed for Us…

Black History month

Black History Month: Will We Ever Make Significant Progress?

shout out a moment

A Movement–Not a Moment